“How to Wear Your Bright, Warm and Deep Colors… So That You Look and Feel Beautiful Everyday”

Learn how to use your bright color wheel and style guide to create unique and amazing outfits… while shopping or staring blankly at your closet…
Bright, Warm & Deep Color Style Guide (2017 Spring/Summer Edition)

From the Desk of Jen Thoden
February 17, 2017

How many times have you picked up a sweater while shopping, only to put it back because you have no idea what you would wear it with?

Or worse… you purchase the item, only to have it sit in your closet because you nothing seems to go with it. What a waste!

Imagine if you had a tool at your finger tips that will help you discover endless options to wear that beautiful sweater.

Imagine shopping with confidence because you KNOW what colors look perfect on you. Better yet… imagine being able to combine different pieces of clothes like a professional stylist… designing a stunning outfit that makes you simply GLOW.


It’s easy to shop for a top in a color from your color palette… wear it with jeans and you’re done! And that’s OK some of the time…

But what about all those times when you want to dress BETTER than a top and jeans? How would it feel to dress everyday looking like a professional stylist pulled you together?

My name is Jen Thoden and I’m an online color style coach and founder of the proprietary color system, Your Color Style™. My passion is color and I LOVE transforming women from drab and tired… to stunning and glowing. I’ve seen it over and over again.

Not only do my clients look 100% better in their perfect colors… they stand different… they walk different… they feel good… they transform into a woman with confidence, style and flare.


A professionally styled outfit in your perfect colors can make all the difference in a day. You feel beautiful… you walk with more confidence… you’ll love looking in the mirror… you’ll smile… you will literally GLOW!

I’ve seen so many beautiful women get it wrong. They may we wearing the right color on top… but then they’ve paired it with the WRONG accessories or pants… and instead of looking great… they look frumpy and mismatched. Just a little off.


It’s easy to dismiss not needing a perfectly styled outfit… but you DESERVE to look and feel beautiful everyday. It’s not like it takes anymore time to add one accessory that will set you apart and have people wondering what you’ve done differently.

This is what inspired me to create a style guide for each color type. Once you know your color type… I want you to be able to know how to use your color palette as your secret weapon.

Thousands of Unique Outfit Ideas?

Once you learn how to use your style guide and combine colors like a professional stylist… you’ll have the confidence to shop, dress and try new looks. You’re going to have so much fun combining unique color combinations and pieces of clothing… that you’ll find a dozen ways to wear just one top. It’s like the door of your imagination is finally unlocked!

And that sweater you never wear… because you have nothing to wear it with… may become your favorite piece of clothing!

PLUS… you’ll discover your friends and family asking you to help them with their colors. How fun is that?!

Bright, Warm & Deep Color Style Guide (2017 Spring/Summer Edition)


A 45-Page E-Book That *SHOWS* You Your Perfect Color Combinations  In Your Bright, Warm and Deep Colors… With Over 70 Outfit Ideas and Unlimited Color Combinations… You’ll Dress With Confidence and Style Everyday!
Here’s What You Get Inside:
CHAPTER 1: Your Bright, Warm and Deep Color Wheel

This style guide starts out with a quick introduction and your color wheel.

  • See your bright and warm colors in a color wheel. You can’t find this anywhere… and it really shows you how your colors relate to one another. This is so powerful when combining colors!
  • Discover how to wear your colors in… Get this wrong… and all those beautiful clothes you own won’t look right.
  • Learn how to use the style guide… so that you’ll know how to use it when shopping or styling an outfit at home
  • Receive a digital version of your color palette that you can carry around with you on your smart phone… so you can refer to your colors any time!
CHAPTER 2: Complementary Color Combinations

Discover color combinations that are your most dynamic and energized.

CHAPTER 3: Triad Color Combinations

Discover color combinations that are unique and surprising.

CHAPTER 4: Analogous Color Combinations

Discover color combinations that most people don’t know to do. These are the combos that will make people turn heads and say “Wow!”

Your Cool Neutrals

Your colors include your neutrals. You’ll receive your best neutrals that will look beautiful with your color palette.

Here’s what others have to say about my color style guides…

Thanks Jen ! Yep….the bright, warm and deep is very “me.” I love the style guide. …..so many great color combinations I would not have thought of and I’m having fun shopping my closet with new “eyes”.
You are amazing and inspiring. Thank you for your insight and help.

Bright and Warm

I love all my bright and warm colors, but until I used the guide I found it difficult to put the colors together. Jen’s pictures of outfits using the colors helps me look in my closet and see exactly what I need or what I have and how to use it. This is the most helpful guide for using your colors I have ever seen. Also its so handy, just download on ipad or phone and carry with you shopping. Like a personal stylist.

Bright and Warm

Bright, Warm & Deep Color Style Guide (2017 Spring/Summer Edition)

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When I created the color wheels, I got so excited because I realized that I created a tool that I personally want to use… and I do. I refer to my Bright and Warm Color Wheel all the time. It’s the perfect visual reference to see how a particular color looks with other colors in my color palette. This has been invaluable to me. And I know your Bright and Warm Color Wheel will be invaluable to you. It’s going to become your best friend!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at support@yourcolorstyle.zendesk.com.

Jen Thoden

PS. This color style guide is perfect for your if you have warm undertones, you can wear clear chroma colors (muted colors drain you) and you deep eyes, hair or eyebrows. In the seasons, this guide is great for a deep autumn and warm autumn.

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