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Learn How To Wear Your Colors So That You Look Stylishly Put-Together Every Single Day


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Here’s What You Get Inside:
Your Digital Color Palettes and Color Wheel

Once you learn what colors look good on you, you’ll want access to your colors and the color wheel.

  • Access to the bright color palette with color names
  • Access to the soft color palette with color names
  • The soft color wheel
  • The bright color wheel
  • Each color wheel has numbers that align with the colors in the digital color palettes so you can see how the colors relate to each other
  • How to read and use your color wheel
How To Optimize Your Wardrobe Based On Your Color Palette

A 40 minute video that…

  • Walks you through a simple step by step process to assessing what to keep and what to donate. This is a lot of fun! Seriously. 🙂
  • Show you how to use your color wheel to save the clothes that aren’t in your best colors.
How To Create A Capsule Module Wardrobe With Only 2 Colors

A video course that…

  • Starts you out small and helps you learn how to build your wardrobe one color at a time, instead of spending tons of money trying to buy all colors and having no idea how they all work together.
BONUS: How To Wear Your Perfect Color Contrast

A step-by-step video based mini-course that walks you through color theory, understanding contrast and more importantly… understanding contrast on YOU. This video (and downloadable PDF) consists of detailed explanations, comparisons, photos and examples… that guide you through understanding color contrast and how to identify your perfect color contrast.

30 Day Money Back GuaranteeEnjoy ‘COLOR WHEEL MASTERY’ 100% RISK FREE for the next 30 days

If you don’t feel ‘COLOR WHEEL MASTERY’ will help you shop and dress with confidence… simply e-mail and I’ll gladly refund you 100%, NO QUESTIONS ASKED! The risk is on me: Let me prove to you that ‘Color Wheel Mastery’ will change how you dress and feel in your clothes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is my payment transaction safe and secure?

Yes. All transactions go through Paypal which is secure.

Q. What if I don’t have a Paypal account?

You do not need a Paypal account to make a one-time purchase. You can choose to pay with your credit card and not log into Paypal. Paypal is my credit card processing service, so this is the only way to pay online.

Q. Do I have to a Style Club member to access this course?

No. This is a one time payment for the bundle of mini-courses and digital products included in Color Wheel Mastery. You will not be subscribed to the Style Club.

Q. Is this a one time payment?

Yes. There are no recurring fees.

Q. How do I access Color Wheel Mastery? 

Once you complete your purchase, you can log in at . Once you log in you will see your products under Style Guides.

Q. I have other questions. 

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