What Body Type Am I - Dressing For Your Body Type

Discover How To Dress Your Body Type So That You Look Younger, Slimmer and Pulled Together

Do you want to know “What Body Type Am I?”

Or “What Types of Clothes Look Best On Me?”

Or “How Do I Dress My Body Type?”

This video based course will show you how to easily determine your body type and then provide you with details on how you should dress your body type.

PLUS, there are examples of ideal outfits provided for each body type based on the rules that I give you.

I’ve got a lot of tricks up my sleeve that apply to everyone! This is a powerful guide in styling your body type. You’re going to love it!

This mini-course is a recorded Style Q&A webinar that is part of the Style Club membership, but you can have access to this mini-course and its PDF for only $7.

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